Welcome to Dacayana Eskrima Philippines 

World Headquarters of the

Dacayana Family System of indigenous Cebuano Martial Arts

Latest NEWS 2020 

Grandmaster Jun Dacayana is continuing his program of Instruction for the Philippine

ARMY, NAVY and POLICE throughout 2020

The Dacayana system of Indigenous Cebuano Martial Arts

.... was founded by International Eskrima Grandmaster..... Alberto 'Jun' Dacayana

Whilst we offer the hand of friendship to all Eskrima and Arnis students, Instructors, Masters, Associations, Groups, Styles and Federations, we pride oureselves on our uniqueness and independence. We are NOT connected or associated with or  to any other style. The style we teach is that of Grandmaster Alberto 'Jun' Dacayana and no other. We ask that we are not considered to be members of any other society or organisation either here in the Philippines, or at our European Headquarters in the the UK. Thank you for respecting our wishes.