The Dacayana System of Indigenous Cebuano Martial Arts continues to grow both in the Philippines with it's Headquarters in  Cebu and Toledo as well as in the UK, Europe and the UAE.

The System is available to all;  young or old, male or female, beginners or advanced. This system is curently taught as part of the curriculum within schools in the Toledo area.

The system is beautiful and unique due to it's footwork. It is also very fast and powerful due to the training methods and the emphasis on good body mechanics.

The Dacayana System of Indigenous Cebuano Martial Arts is a complete Martial System and true to the Filipino tradition teaches the use of weapons as well as empty hands training methods and techniques.

The training methods and techniques are taught with respect, both for the  Art and the use of the Art. The use of the Art is taught with grave and great emphasis on Defence only and trying not to hurt the attacker wherever possible.


The Dacayana system is normally taught through the study of the following modules:

Solo Olisi  (Single Stick) - Including the 12 Basic Strikes, consecutive striking, footwork & movement, blocking and countering, disarming, locking (solo olisi layog), close quarter countering and much more including our unique and secret modules.

Dobli olisi (Double Stick) - including Drills and Movement, Checking and Blocking, Disarming, Tapi and Palusot.

Sumbagay - Including basic striking, Drills, Tapi Tapi, Countering, Locking (Layog), Trapping, Advanced Sensitivity Training (AVT), Advanced Locking and Holding, Takedowns, Limb control and breaking and much more for use against Dumog attacks or versus weapons.

Combat Judo - (Empty hand techniques versus Untrained Knife attacks) Includes Controlling, Counterstriking, Counter Locking, Disarming, Positioning, Takedownns & Control, the Dacayana System 12 Combat Judo angles and Form, use of the Knife and much much more.

Kutselyo (Knife and Knife Fighting) Includes the Dacayana Knife Training methods, the Dacayana Knife fighting Forms, Techniques incorproating the Combat Judo methodology,

Olisi Kutselyo and Spada Y Daga - Training methods and forms to prepare the student for advanced Sumbagay techniques as well as an historic teachnig of traditional methods.

Pocket Stick - Brililiantly unique teachniques of Saguidas taught directly by Grandmaster Jun. Unstoppable protective self defence which is very suitable for women.

Balla Balla Training methods  - throughout the curriculum the of the unique Dacayana system, Balla Balla training methods are taught. These methods are dynamic and fun, they rapidly increase speed and reflexes, help with timing and flow and can be used to increase power and movement. The Balla Balla training is available at grappling, close, medium and long ranges through it's set of 7 key drills.

Further modules and techniques taught directly form GM Jun include the following: 

Advanced Solo Olisi (includes Binonaly)

Advanced Sumbagay

Kwarenta Pulgada Tirada Ug Depensa (KPTD)

Layog & Sarong

Eskrima Patid